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Modset Repository Instructions


The following sections provide instructions on downloading and installing mods from our Arma3Sync repository. If you haven't already downloaded Arma3Sync, you can find it here. If you'd like to know details on the contents of our modset, please see the Active Mods page.


After you have downloaded and installed Arma3Sync, you can follow the instructions below to get started with downloading the modpack.

Be aware that Arma3Sync will lose the latest setup if it is not closed correctly. Be sure to close Arma3Sync correctly at least once to save your settings.
Step 1
1. Switch to the Addon Options tab and define the location of your Arma 3 installation. Then go to Launcher Options and make sure the Executable Location at the bottom is set to arma3_x64.exe.
Step 2
2. Switch to the Repositories tab and add a new repository.
Step 3
3. Enter the repository details in the relevant fields. The username is "member". The password can be found in the sidebar of the website when logged in.
Step 4
4. Check the Notify box to be alerted to modpack updates. Then click the Connect button to bring up the download window.
Step 5
5. Ensure that your Arma 3 directory from Step 1 is selected, and click the Check for Addons button to begin checking synchronization with the repository.
Step 6
6. A list of new or updated mods will now be displayed. Select All and click the Download button to begin downloading. If you have mods not from our repository, be sure to leave their relevant folders unchecked.
Step 7
7. The download process will now run. Files are downloaded individually. You can Pause or Cancel the download at anytime and safely resume at a later time.
Step 8
8. Once the download is complete, switch to the Addons tab and click Modsets.
Step 9
9. Check the repository modset and click OK.
Step 10
10. Ensure all mods listed in Addon Groups are checked.
Step 12
12. Start Arma 3. A notification should appear indicating that the ACRE2 plugins have been copied to the Teamspeak 3 plugins directory. You can verify that the plugin has been installed and enabled in Teamspeak by going to Tools > Options > Addons.