"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."


Wakey Wakey, Rise and Shine!

After being in a state of psuedo hibernation for 5 months, we are seeing movement towards renewed activity. The desire to play arma with excellent indivduals is still here, and as long as it is present in some, it will be nurtured and supported. We are at the beginning of a new chapter, and we take this chance to invite you to a part of it.

For now, operations will run on Saturdays, and if there is additional demand down the line, we will schedule more. For now, the focus will be on regrowing the players base and focusing on small scale operations of high quality.

Major SOP Changes

It has almost been eight years since Black Watch International came to life. Eight years of daily operations, fresh content, battles, explosions, firefights, comradery.
Eight years of Learning, improving, advancing, developing, and having a good time.

Field Manual Update!

Ladies and gentlemen,

With the summer coming to a close and many of our comrades starting their academic year, we'd like to wish them the best in their persuit of education and enlightment.

We are posting this short update to let you know that the Field Manual has been updated to reflect the current realities of the unit's modus operandi. Also, the Faction roster in the armory was also brought up to date after being on hiatus for a while.