"Bare is the back of the brotherless man."



Black Watch International’s ranks mostly serve as a out-of-game management tool for the organization of the group and do not influence the chain of command during ops. For example, a Squad Leader has authority over a Fireteam Leader, regardless of their ranks.

In order to ensure quality of leadership during operations, in each Platoon or Squad element one of the leader or assistant roles must be filled by a member ranked Private First Class or higher. For example, if Squad Leader is filled by a Private, Assistant Squad Leader must be filled by a Private First Class.

All members are required to have their ranks in both their TeamSpeak and in-game profile names, in the following format: [RCT.] Your Name

Recruit [RCT.]

Recruits are new members. All recruits are on a probationary period until they have been active for a period of at least 1 month and demonstrated that they have learned some basic skills. Low attendance may result in an extension of the probationary period.

While a Recruit, a member is limited to basic Squad level roles.

Private [PVT.]

Once a member has graduated from their Recruit phase, they will assume the rank of Private. This rank is not responsible for much outside of playing the game and adhering to Black Watch International’s policies. Privates are only permitted to take up Platoon, Squad Leader or Assistant Squad Leader roles when the accompanying position is filled by a Private First Class or higher.

Private First Class [PFC.]

The Private First Class rank is achieved by participating in Training and earning Training Badges. Members who achieve this rank have put in significant time to learn a variety of techniques to enhance their own and others' experience. After acquiring 32 points members will be promoted to Private First Class.

Specialist [SPC.]

The Specialist rank is awarded to members who have achieved Private First Class and who also contribute to the creation of daily operations for the group. Any members with the Private First Class rank, who have also created two or more operations within the calendar month, will be promoted to Specialist.

Corporal [CPL.]

 Corporals are expected to contribute to out-of-game tasks and serve as “front-line” leadership within the organization. They must understand regulations and enforce policy, as well as carry out duties assigned to them by a Sergeant or higher. They are not involved in disciplinary procedures or out-of-game officer discussions.

Corporals are sometimes referred to as NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers).

Sergeant [SGT.]

As the first tier of the Upper Echelon Leadership, Sergeants are tasked with managing a department or area within the organization. They are expected to understand regulations, enforce policy and manage the department assigned to them with competency. Sergeants are involved in out-of-game officer discussions.

Sergeants are sometimes referred to as NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers).

Second Lieutenant [2LT.]

The Second Lieutenants report directly to the Captain, and are tasked with managing personnel, technology, training and anything else that they are assigned. They advise the Captain on recruitment and disciplinary items, as well as mod selection and other issues pertaining to Black Watch International.

Second Lieutenants are sometimes referred to as COs (Commissioned Officers).

Captain [CPT.]

There is only one Captain. While they confer with the officers on many things, the Captain has the ultimate decision making power for the group. The Captain oversees all operations within the organization and is ultimately responsible for all of the inner workings of Black Watch International.

The Captain may sometimes be referred to as a CO (Commissioned Officer).

Members will be notified of any promotions by a Commissioned Officer.